Kudzai Tafadzwa Chidzodzo, we are proud of the person you are becoming, and we know you are capable of doing amazing things in this world. We cheer you on every step of the way.
A young Kudzai joined Abbey’s Day Nursery in 2005 and remained there for the subsequent two years.
It has become a tradition in the Chidzodzo family that every child begins their scholastic adventure at Abbey’s Nursery, and the school has a special place in Kudzai’s heart. Currently, Kudzai has a young sister who is enrolled at Abbeys.

Kudzai attributes Abbey with giving him a solid foundation that made it easier for him to comprehend more challenging ideas when he started his elementary education.
Kudzai, a St. John’s Emerald Hill High School alum, is presently enrolled at a university in Poland, where he is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering

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